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SMPN 226 Penyelenggara Pendidikan Inklusi


 SMPN 226 – South Jakarta

Principal: Moch. Khotim, M.Pd

Resource Teacher: Florentina Atik, S.Pd

DKI Jakarta Provincial Department of Education (Jakarta PDOE) has appointed SMPN 226 as one of inclusive schools in South Jakarta city since 2003. Following the appointment, through HKI-OVC program, SMPN 226 received a three days inclusive education school based training (IEST) that was conducted in partnership with Jakarta PDOE. The training was attended by all teachers, principal, and school committee. The training focused on the concept of inclusive education and characteristic of children with special needs; the development of children profile; the development of Individual Educational Plan (IEP); and working with other Inclusive Education stakeholders including parents, community, and government. The training aimed to develop teachers’ knowledge on children with disabilities and inclusive education; to build teachers’ capacity on identification and assessment of children with disabilities; and create awareness of parents and teachers about inclusive education and children with disabilities. At the end of the whole training sessions, teachers were expected to identify children with disabilities in their classroom and school’s neighborhood.

In addition, Ibu Florentina Atik (Ibu Atik), resource teacher, was selected as inclusive education trainer for DKI Jakarta province. From 2008 to 2009, Ibu Atik has received intensive Training for Trainer (TOT) from HKI-OVC and Jakarta PDOE through HKI-OVC program. To date, Ibu Atik has become one of inclusive education resources for Jakarta and Indonesia. By using Ibu Atik’s expertise and experiences, PDOE Jakarta conducted inclusive education school based trainings and trainings for trainer to other inclusive schools and mainstream teachers.

The 7th grade students are working on the science project. One of them is student with slow learner. All students in SMPN 226 are learning in an inclusive environment.

Since 2006 the school had enrolled 161 students with disabilities. In 2014/2015 academic year, 20 students with disabilities are enrolled to this school. They are 3 students with visual impairment, 2 students with hearing impairment, 3 students with physical challenge, 2 students with autistic, 8 students who are slow learner, and 2 students with the severe health condition (anemia rheumatism, heart disease). In order to ensure the provision of services to those students, school has established the partnership with Mitra Netra Foundation, inclusive education resource center for students with visual impairment and Santi Rama Foundation, inclusive education resource center for students with hearing impairment.

The Inclusive Education Activities in SMPN 226

Wening Syifa, a student with physical challenge, is working with her team on the science experiment in the school laboratory.

Cheryl, student with low vision, is in reading class. Her friend reads the story for her. Cheryl graduated from primary inclusive school in south Jakarta.

The resource room is used by ibu Atik to provide support to students with disabilities. The activities are conducted after school hours or during the break time.


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